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Understanding the Claim Process

Accidents are no fun, but if you do get into one (and we all do at some point), we can guide you through.

Contact the police: If there are any signs of injury, or the other party is attempting to flee the scene of the accident call 911 immediately. If there are no injuries, call the local police department or Highway Patrol. Having a police report is critical. It provides detailed documentation of the accident and may help your insurance company determine who may be at fault.

Collect and provide pertinent information: Exchange information with other drivers such as license plates, contact information (address, phone number and driver’s license numbers), auto insurance companies and policy numbers. This information will make it easier to file a claim and get the process started.

Talk with witnesses: Good, reliable witnesses can be of great help to your claim representative as they go through the process of deciding who may be at fault in an accident. It will also be helpful to obtain the witnesses’ name, phone numbers and addresses.

Take photos: Make use of that camera phone, if you’ve got one. We suggest you be detailed and extensive. Take pictures of the whole scene and close-up pictures of the damages as long as it is safe to do so. Remember that you will want to share these photos with your claim representative as it will definitely help with determining who is at fault as well as confirming all related damages.

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