The Proper Ways to Wax Your Auto

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The Proper Ways to Wax Your Auto

There is more to waxing your car than just applying the substance and rubbing it onto the exterior. Waxing is now done both on the inside and outside of the car, since there are several features and materials inside that can use that extra glow and shine. Waxing is relatively easy and you do not need to pay hundreds of dollars to get the look you want. But, how’s the proper way to wax your auto? Here are some tips to do it well.

Choose the Right Wax

You first need to visit an automotive detailing store or your local hardware to look for the right wax to use for your vehicle. There is now a wide variety of products available depending on the type of look you need and the condition of your vehicle. Some waxes are made specifically for brand new cars. There are car waxes that deal with SUVs well. Some waxes are specifically made for rugged vehicles. There are waxes that also apply specifically to the color of the car. The prices will vary depending on the brand and other features.

On Waxing

Wax is generally described by auto detailers as a kind of coating the protects the paint and prevents it from drying out completely. Paint, like several other materials found inside the car, will oxidize, break down or fade after several years. Wax acts similarly to a moisturizer for paint. It also offers a layer of protection against ultraviolet rays that emanate from the sun. It also protects your car from many external substances like dirt and grime. If you need to pick wax, it is best to invest in one made from carnauba. Carnauba is an oily material that comes from the palm tree leaves. These trees are available in Brazil. The way water beads up on plant leaves may be the same way how carnauba acts.

More Waxing

Paste waxing will need more effort to properly apply. The finish also generally lasts longer compared to liquid wax. The liquid wax is preferred more by individual users and auto detailers however. The liquid wax applies very quickly. You can use a soft sponge applicator. Wait for everything to dry to a light hazy appearance, then wipe off the other residue using a microfiber towel.

Car Wax Kits

You may also want to invest in car waxing kits which include a number of clay bars, wax, pastes and other solutions to give your car the ultimate protection and the shiniest appearance. Car wax kits are available at your local auto detailing shop. You can also choose from various offers available online. The internet is a great source of wax and other service providers. You can talk to auto detailers online to find key techniques and the basic materials to wax your car yourself.

Car waxing can be done once every quarter or twice a year, depending on the use of your car and your own available time. You can choose to let a pro do the job the first time, then redoing everything yourself a second time within the year.

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