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Let’s Talk About the Lemon Laws

 Photo Credit: On Pixabay. CC0 License   Before lemon laws were enacted, car dealers could pretty much decide which problems they would fix and which ones were just the buyer’s bad luck and his or her problem. That pitiful situation has been remedied. Now, lemon laws do vary from state to state, but basically they [...]

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Options to Repair a Car With Out Any Policy

Photo credit: On Pexels. CC0 License At some point of owning a car are consequences whenever policy is not offered. We would have a hard time to have our car repaired it it's out of warranty. Maintenances and repairs are like missiles. We wouldn't like it when we hit this trouble. But repair a car [...]

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Understanding the Claim Process

Accidents are no fun, but if you do get into one (and we all do at some point), we can guide you through. Contact the police: If there are any signs of injury, or the other party is attempting to flee the scene of the accident call 911 immediately. If there are no injuries, call the [...]

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