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Automotive Paint and Body Repair

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After an accident, you must to take your car to a body repair. Your insurance company may ask you to get two or three estimates for the repair or the insurance company may try to tell you what body shop to take your car to. (Note: just because an insurance company recommends a particular body shop does NOT mean that you are obligated to use that shop.)

Repairs to the body and the paint of a car can be very expensive. The people who work in the paint and body shops are skilled. Returning a car that has been damaged to its original condition is no small matter, and these paint and body repair people do not have magic wands. Mostly they use their skill and muscles to repair damaged cars and trucks.

Amazingly enough, cars that look really bad after an accident can be repaired. Frames can be straightened, and parts can be repaired or replaced. The vehicle can be repaired and repainted so well that you can’t tell that it has ever been in an accident.

Sometimes people will take their cars and trucks to paint and body shops to have them repainted so that they will look new, and not because the vehicles have been involved in an accident. They just want the little nicks and dings removed and the color renewed. A little piece of advice: when you have a vehicle repainted, it is much better to have it repainted the same color as it was originally. The reason is that changing the color of the paint on a car entails a lot more work and will be a lot more expensive.

When the time comes, for whatever reason, that you must take your car to a paint and body repair shop, be certain that the shop has a good reputation and that it is insured and bonded.


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